What’s On My Desk – Part Two

What’s on my desk?


Hm. Well, a quick look left to right… There’s my recycled glass skull, wearing my Sony MDR-7506 headphones. He’s surrounded by a polaroid camera Post-It note dispenser, a tape dispenser, a PEZ dispenser… I call this the dispenser corner. OH! And a piece of a meteorite from the Campo del Cielo crater in Argentina (That’s right. One of the founders of Blue Crater has the contents of an actual crater on his desk.)

A couple of small, yet stylish storage containers to hold my things (wallet, keys, peanuts) while I work. I’ve got a sick 7-port USB 3.0 hub so I can connect to EVERYTHING I’D EVER WANT AT THE SAME TIME! BWAHAHA. Ok … so the most ports I’ve ever used at once was three. I mean, USB slots are everywhere these days, am I right? I could’ve sworn I needed more slots before I made that purchase. What could I have been doing back then to need so many USB slo … Sorry.

“The setup is not about optimizing my workflow or keeping my mind clear. It’s simply about the first syllable of functionality.”

Back to the desk.


In the center is a glorious, maxed-out 15” MacBook Pro HDMI’ed to my dual 24” displays, an external Apple keyboard WITH numeric keypad (gotta have the number pad) and my coveted, vintage Mighty Mouse.

No, not that Mighty Mouse. The Apple Mighty Mouse! They discontinued production in 2009 and when the day comes that I can’t find a working unit (which could be sooner than I know), it will be a day I shed electrolytes from my visual sensors.

Hm. What else? A square, ceramic jar full of ballpoints and Pilot G2 knockoffs (they don’t write like knockoffs though, if you know what I’m sayin’). An almighty, wireless, gigabit router… an Ollie’s-Bargain-Warehouse-Special iPhone docking station for the business line… and I saved the best for last…

A sexy, sleek Sharper Image lava lamp with a built-in Bluetooth speaker for the base! No, I don’t use the speaker, but the lamp was like 75% off at Bed Bath & Beyond! And it looks so lit (especially when it’s lit). It single-handedly transformed my desk from a house into a home (still missing a kitchen though).

Bottom Line? My desk is like Cam Newton. It’s sexy and capable, but doesn’t really give an eff.


That’s right. These are the things that are on my desk. The setup is not about optimizing my workflow or keeping my mind clear. It’s simply about the first syllable of functionality.

So, if Einstein was some type of Einstein or something, I guess my desk is an indication of a fun, carefree and functional mind. How precious is that? Pretty precious.


Chris Dow

[email protected]


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