What We Need To Know Before Designing Your Website

A new website project can get overwhelming, especially if you’re not prepared for what comes next. To help you plan for your new website, we’ve put together a list of things we’ll need to get started. Of course this will vary with each site. (This is only meant to serve as an overall guideline.)

To start with, the success of your website project will depend on three things:

  • how well you plan
  • how organized you are
  • how clear you communicate with us

Doing all of these things effectively will ensure we’re set up for success. Let’s get started…

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General Information


Who’s in charge? – Who will be the main contact for your website design project? This will help streamline communication, ensuring the project runs smoothly and on time.

About You – Tell us a little about your company, organization or brand (your story, origin, etc.). After all, we need to know who we’re dealing with here. 😉

Target Audience – Who is your target audience? (age, gender, income, education, occupation, etc.) Your website will be built with them in mind.

Pages – What are your desired website pages? (Home, Services, Gallery, About, Contact, etc.)

Domain – Do you already own your ideal domain name? (A domain name is the URL of your website, such as www.bluecrater.com or www.example.com.) If not, what name(s) would you like?

Inspiration – Go find 3 sites you love! What do you like/dislike about them?

Budget – What is your budget? This will dictate the amount of time we can spend on your project and helps us better meet expectations in the initial proposal.

Due Date – By what date would you like your entire website to be completed? Is there a strict deadline?

Branding Guidelines


Logo – We’ll need various high-quality files of your logo.

Tagline – What is your tagline?

Typography – What fonts do you consistently use?

Images – Are there specific images you’d like to include on your website? What look and/or feel would you like images on your website to have?

Colors – What are your exact brand colors?



We have a content first rule here at Blue Crater. We cannot and will not begin designing your website before we have all of the content needed in-hand and organized. This includes any and all graphics, videos, all written content (biographies, product descriptions, blog posts, etc.) and more!

Photography – What photos do you want to include on your website? Think about your main images, background photos, team pictures, images of your products, etc.

Copy / Written Content – Do you want to use the written content that’s on your current website? If not, who will be responsible for writing and proofreading the content?

Video – Are you looking to include any videos on your new site? Have they already been produced? Where do you want them on the site?

Blog Posts – Does your ideal website include a blog section? Do you have any posts written and ready to go? (Do they also include photos and/or videos?)

If you don’t have all of your content together, no worries! We’re a full service digital media and design agency. We offer professional copywriting, graphics design, photography and video production services. We would be happy to take care of it all for you!

Hosting & Maintenance


Who currently hosts your website? Do you have full access?

Where will you host your new site?

Will there be sections on your website that need regular content updates? (New blog posts, new photos, etc.) Which ones?

Would you like us to update this content for you on an ongoing basis?

Would you like us to maintain your site for you? (perform regular functional updates, routine site backups, 24/7 security monitoring, etc.)

If so, see our Hosting & Maintenance services.


Remember every website is different. This only serves as a general guideline to get you thinking about what you want out of your website and what will be expected of you. If you have any questions about anything mentioned above, ask ‘em. Cuz we don’t bite.

Alicia Dow

[email protected]


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