Website Redesign Before and After: Chambers Coastal Realty (CCR)

GOAL: Destroy this stock, cookie-cutter, template-based website and design one that:


1. shifts the focus away from an irrelevant “vacancy search box” to the main service provided by Chambers Coastal Realty – Property Management,

2. displays correctly on mobile devices and

3. (most importantly) is unique and doesn’t look the same as every other Property Manager’s website in the area.


On the surface, CCR’s website appeared (misleadingly) well designed. The home page was simple, to-the-point and dressed with a gorgeous background image depicting a local ocean pier. But navigating beyond this initial façade would lead a visitor down a gut-wrenching path of hard to read passages and a poorly constructed layout.

Each page was filled with chunks of text that no one (in their right mind) wanted to read. The same stock image appeared on every single service page. And worst of all? The site displayed horribly on mobile devices! This is where the lack of attention to detail and design really showed. See for yourself:

SOLUTION: Create a unique design tailored to CCR’s property management services. Make responsiveness a priority. Completely rewrite the text and present it in easy-to-read portions that, even when quickly scanned, would clearly relay crucial information.


We took some time and really got to know Chambers Coastal Realty. Who were they? What was their main objective? Why did they NEED a website? Multiple meetings were held. Emails containing tons of questions were sent. We started a conversation about their overall branding strategy – something that had never been taken into account.

Every bit of the old website copy was rewritten. Our goal was to shift the focus from paragraphs of filler text to concise, impactful specifics of the services they offered and to clearly explain what makes Chambers Coastal Realty stand apart from the competition. Their site now aligns with their goals. It’s responsive and easy to navigate. It simply gets the job done.

Not to mention – we got the load time down to about half a second (almost a 700% reduction), while also reducing the page size by around 250%!

Not happy with your current design and want a refresh? We have you covered! Blue Crater builds clean designs that are unique to your business. We don’t use templates or pre-defined themes, plus we’re affordable!

Have questions? Ask ‘em. Cuz we don’t bite.

Chambers Coastal Realty: Website

Alicia Dow

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