Website Copywriting Before and After: Bongiorno Group

GOAL: Reduce the current website copy by a massive amount. Condense it, spice it up and make sure it’s fresh, easy to understand and more focused on what Bongiorno can DO for the client rather than flaunting how GREAT Bongiorno is as a company.


Bongiorno Group’s website started out with long passages of boring text that were repetitive and unorganized. It was difficult to find information on the particular service you were browsing for. The copy mainly focused on “how great Bongiorno Group is”, instead of focusing on the client’s needs and experience. Services weren’t clear and clients had no idea what to do next or how Bongiorno’s process even worked.

SOLUTION: Break the text into small, impactful segments that are informative, approachable and easy to read. Create concise blocks of text informing readers on how Bongiorno Group can help clients on their journey to financial freedom.


After learning more about Bongiorno’s history, the financial services they offer and what their typical client looks like, we knew exactly what to do! We concentrated on creating clear, consistent copy that focused more on “what Bongiorno Group can do for you”. Our writers created short, sharp, upbeat bursts of text that dissected and explained Bongiorno Group’s services. We also turned the client’s anticipated journey into beautiful, clear, branded graphics that are informative, engaging and easy to follow.

If a client doesn’t find the information they’re looking for quickly, in an easy to understand format, chances are they’ll move on to the next site. If the text is unreadable, overwhelming or simply doesn’t grab their attention – it’s on to the next. Don’t send potential clients to your competitor’s website! Make sure your content is informative, organized, engaging and most importantly – original and written with SEO in mind. We can help!

Bongiorno Group: Website

Alicia Dow

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