Top 12 Reasons To Hire Blue Crater

1 // Best of Both Worlds.

We have extensive technical abilities, but also dump creative dust. Functional gets the job done. Funky makes you stand out.

2 // Save Time and Money.

With our affordable rates and versatile ninjas, we save you time and money by handling all your digital needs in one place.

3 // Transparency.

We never keep secrets. We never surprise you. We strive to maintain clear communication and set proper expectations. What you see is what you get.

4 // We Actually Care.

You’re not just a name. Or a number. You’re a person. And you’ll receive the most intimate and responsive customer service you’ve ever experienced. We’ll become friends.

5 // You’ll Get Pizza.

Don’t believe us? Stop by our office and we’ll discuss your goals and ideas over a steaming pizza pie. It’s brain food.

6 // We’re Reliable.

Just tell us what you need. And we’ll tell you when it’ll be done. It’s as simple as that! Think of us as your go-to, your secret weapon.

7 // We’re Flexible.

We work around the clock. We’re available 24/7. We work early mornings, late nights, on weekends, holidays – we’ll even come to you.

8 // We Love What We Do.

We breathe enthusiasm for turning your ideas into real, tangible content and we live to watch you stare wildly in awe at the creations that have poured forth from our powdered crevices.

9 // We’re Terrible Dancers.

That means you’ll always out-dance us! And you’ll always have a partner. We’re there to celebrate every step, every milestone, every victory.

10 // New Perspectives.

We provide valuable, unbiased feedback, as well as new ideas and innovative strategies that can help boost your brand or organization.

11 // You Can Breathe Easy.

We take those annoying, ever-changing, unavoidable digital burdens off your shoulders, allowing you to focus on other important aspects of your business.

12 // We’re blue green.

We strive to reduce waste, recycle and use green web hosting in an effort to maintain the health of our environment and our beautiful planet.

Alicia Dow

[email protected]


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