50 Fresh Marketing Tips For Your Business

1. Keep an ongoing list of creative ideas.

2. Create and optimize all social media profiles.

3. Carry awesome, high-quality business cards everywhere you go.

4. Keep your portfolio updated with your latest examples.

5. Use the same social media handle across all platforms.

6. Make sure each and every client gets a personal, intimate experience.

7. Humanize your brand. It’s 2017! You don’t have to be so formal.

8. Post on social media regularly (at least 4-5 times a week).

9. Respond to comments and messages as soon as possible.

10. Create and optimize your Google Business and Yelp accounts.

11. Test, test, test. Then test again. Never stop testing.

12. Repurpose and/or recycle older posts/content.

13. Create an on-site blog.

14. Create an affiliate program.

15. Host random giveaways and contests.

16. Boost posts and/or run ads on social media.

17. Be easy to connect with. Make it easy for clients to contact you.

18. Get online reviews/testimonials from your clients (old and new).

19. Always thank your customers and show appreciation every chance you get.

20. Write fresh, original blog posts regularly that add value and build credibility.

21. Make sure you’re marketing to the right audience. Everyone is not your customer.

22. Send cards or gifts to past clients (thank you, birthday, we miss you, etc.).

23. Brand everything. Keep design and presentation consistent to increase brand recognition.

24. Don’t oversell on social media. (Sell only about 25%-30% of the time.)

25. Create unique hashtags to make it easy for clients to find you.

26. Ask clients for feedback on their experience.

27. Promote a limited-time discount or special offer. Create urgency.

28. Know what sets you apart from your competitors. Be confident of it.

29. Don’t be afraid to delegate. Decide what is worth your time and what is not.

30. Create strategic partnerships with other business owners and/or influencers.

31. Share other people’s content sometimes. Be picky about what you share.

32. Know when your customers are online. (This will vary with each platform.)

33. Include visual content in your social media posts as often as possible.

34. Never get emotional. Always strategize with a clear, open mind.

35. Create and host your own event. Make it fun and memorable.

36. Aim for quality. Always. It’s better to not distribute content than to post crap.

37. Always over-deliver. Always go above and beyond. No matter what.

38. Streamline your processes. Make them as simple as possible.

39. Join in on the weekly hashtag themes and/or holidays.

40. Create your content in batches.

41. Build genuine relationships with your clients. Don’t be a robot.

42. Always have a strategy, a goal you’re working towards. Have a purpose.

43. Be transparent. Never make clients guess or leave them confused.

44. Make sure your website and social media content are both mobile-friendly.

45. Always, always, always measure, track and analyze your progress.

46. Make sure your content is SEO-optimized. On-site and off-site.

47. Never underestimate the power of good writing.

48. Stay organized. Put things in folders. Tag them. Know where everything is.

49. Remember everything changes. What works today may not work tomorrow.

50. If all else fails, come see us. We’ll buy you pizza.

Alicia Dow

[email protected]


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